Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Population decline and jobs decline

The City of Detroit had a population of 2 million in 1950. Now that number is less than half. There are 33,000 vacant homes in the city, and the unemployment rate continues to climb. Where did the population and the jobs go and what would you do to make the cty thrive?

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  1. From a conversation with a group of middle schoolers @ Woodward Academy in Detroit

    The Population decline—2 million people in 1950 and no just over 800,000. There are 33,000 empty houses. What happened to all those people and how did their moving affect the city? What would you do to make the city thrive?

    Eric: They all moved. I agree with the dude there. The vacant areas should be used for houses, jobs and places for kids to play. All those people, they moved because they did not have those things.

    Bianca: Make places for old and sick people so we don’t need to see people standing on the side of the highway with signs.