Precedents: News Kiosks we love

Top: The Parisian Stand. Based around a 19th century kiosk. A recognizable form of micro-civic architecture. Even when the stand is closed, periodicals can be viewed via display windows with a nod to retail store displays.
Below that: The classic 20th century NYC stand--more of a box than the Parisian cylinder. Everything on display/operator behind a counter.
Bottom: A beautiful night time stand in Bangkok.

 This stand in Italy does a terrific job of serving as a beacon of light (and information). It also caps the end of the small pedestrian way enabling both a pause for traffic of all sorts and establishing a browsing arena--note the postcard racks, something New News Detroit is working on next.
The news vendor of this kiosk in a small city in China has a spatial role very different than her NYC counterpart above. Standing outside of her stand, she is open to interaction and interchange more than being behind a counter.

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