Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Population decline and jobs decline

The City of Detroit had a population of 2 million in 1950. Now that number is less than half. There are 33,000 vacant homes in the city, and the unemployment rate continues to climb. Where did the population and the jobs go and what would you do to make the cty thrive?

Farmland for Detroit

One of the ideas for the vacant land in the city, and the land that will be vacated after people are moved and houses removed, is to turn it over to farmland.
What do you think?

Downsizing the City

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing announced his plans to consider downsizing the city of Detroit, which would involve relocating people living in sparsely populated neighborhoods and concentrating the remaining population in a downtown core and amongst a number of already densely populated areas.
What do you think about this plan?