Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Farmland for Detroit

One of the ideas for the vacant land in the city, and the land that will be vacated after people are moved and houses removed, is to turn it over to farmland.
What do you think?


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  2. From a conversation with Middle schoolers @ Woodward Academy in Detroit

    M: This is Detroit. We do not grow wheat, plants, or vegetables. If we start growing things like potatoes or tomatoes people will go around and poison other peoples’ gardens or smash it up.

    Eric: why would you take an abandoned building and turn it into farmland. Why not fix it up and let people live there. Nobody feels like growing food. It takes too long.

    Bianca: People would plant bad things like drugs—tobacco, cocaine.

    Peanut: They would have more farm jobs, but then again, this is motor city—we sell cars.

    M: This is Michigan. We have cold winters. How are they going to grow food in Michigan?

    What should the land be used for?

    M: More parks for kids. Everybody is having a kid these days.
    Make house out of that old train station.

    B: Make recreation centers for kids because they closed all these centers for kids.